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Betsy Havens and the team at Strong Advocates are the nicest and most professional lawyers I have ever dealt with. They truly cared about my case and put in hours above and beyond what was called for. She kept me in the loop on all the legal proceedings and took the time explain to me in clear terms what this process was going to look like. - Frank W.

I was pleased with Strong Advocates legal services and all my concerns were addressed in a timely manner. Throughout the process, Betsy Havens was very understanding and compassionate, and made the difficult circumstances I was dealing with a bit easier to cope with. She defended me. I am very grateful for her service and hereby recommend Ms. Havens without reservation. - Diana C.

I had Strong Advocates as my attorney for almost a year and am very pleased with the service they provided. They always kept me updated on my case file which helped me stay informed. Thanks to their work, everything turned out great with my case. – Samuel

Since the day I stepped into their office, they were really helpful and professional. They let you know with certainty if your case has a chance to be a success or not. I absolutely love their communication skills, they NEVER kept me in the dark. As soon as they have news, they relay them to you. On a scale of 1-10 they’re an 11!! – Itzel R

While working with Strong Advocates I was impressed with their thorough knowledge of the law and found that they lived up to their reputation for being aggressive and passionate advocates for their clients’ rights. – Diana G.

From Rebecca: Thank you for all your help. This really means the world to me. I'm so grateful and happy about the outcome too! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

From Adriana: Hey Betsy! I just want to thank you...again because without you none of this would've been possible without your hard work, and dedication to myself and my case. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate everything you've done for me and my family. You're a blessing to us and I'm forever grateful!

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it's all because of you. I could never thank you enough!

Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyers That Get Results

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All forms of sexual harassment in the workplace are unacceptable. If you are the victim of constant harassment at the workplace, you may wonder about your legal options. You have the right to stop the harassment, and by speaking up, you could protect others who are experiencing the same unlawful and reprehensible treatment.

What Amounts to Sexual Harassment?

While unfortunate and upsetting, not all teasing and off-color comments are illegal. In general, isolated incidents do not qualify as unlawful harassment. Sexual harassment cases that end up in court typically involve serious and frequent harassment that constitute a hostile work environment. In extreme cases, victims are demoted, kept from a promotion or terminated in relation to the harassment they are forced to endure.

Sexual harassment can come from anyone in the workplace. Some employees are sexually harassed by their supervisors while others are mistreated by fellow employees. Some victims are even harassed by their clients or customers. When there is an environment that allows harassment to take place, it can spread and become a part of the workplace.

Examples of Unlawful Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual innuendos
  • Direct or even indirect requests for unwanted sexual activity
  • Repeatedly asking a person out on dates
  • Intrusive sexually explicit questions
  • Unwanted or inappropriate touching
  • Spreading rumors about someone’s sexuality
  • Sexual ridicule
  • Making sexually suggestive sounds or gestures
  • Frequent jokes that are sexual in nature
  • Passing notes or sending emails that are sexual in nature
  • Stalking
  • Attempted or actual sexual assault

Fighting Sexual Harassment

It is important to remember that unlawful sexual harassment can occur between any two people at a workplace. Most people think of a male boss harassing a female employee when asked about sexual harassment, but it can go the other way as well. Gender really does not matter. Harassment can also come from colleagues who share your gender. These issues can become complicated and stressful. Knowing what to do if you are the victim is key to protecting your best interests.

If you have already addressed your concerns with your employer and no actions have been taken to rectify the problem, you may need to take other drastic steps and talk to an attorney. Your company may have a detailed procedure for handling these types of situations. You should try to follow that procedure by the letter. You may need records of the incidents so keep detailed notes. If you still cannot resolve the issue, it may be time to file a claim.

Through litigation, it may be possible to be reinstated if you lost your job. You may also pursue back pay, lost fringe benefits, damages for emotional distress, and payment for your attorney fees and court costs. You may even be able to force the company to change their policies to stop harassment in the future. Call a sexual harassment attorney today to learn more.

Meet Employment Attorney Betsy Havens



Betsy Havens, Executive Director of Strong Advocates, has worked extensively over the years to protect the rights of workers who have been treated unfairly. Her intensive litigation experience has amounted to extraordinary outcomes for her clients. Betsy has shared and advanced her deep understanding of employment law and litigation through her experience leading over 50 training programs for lawyers and community groups. Betsy received an Advocacy award from a state Bar Foundation honoring the work her office has done fighting for fair treatment.



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