Three Types of Sexual Harassment That Might Surprise You

Sexual Harassment at Work

May was sexual harassment awareness month. Because knowledge is the key to prevention, Strong Advocates is committed to educating about sexual harassment in the workplace. Legally, sexual harassment occurs when a behavior is unwanted and based on gender. Most victims of sexual harassment are women, although it can happen to men too. Male-on-male or female-on-female […]


May is Sexual Harassment Month

Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer

Sexual harassment is a form of employment discrimination and continues to be a serious problem facing workers. In the #MeToo era, public awareness about sexual harassment has increased, yet sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace still goes unchecked too often. The legal team at Strong Advocates has declared May Sexual Harassment Awareness Month […]


California proposes extension of statute of limitations

workplace discrimination lawyer

The California Assembly Bill 9 (AB 9), which passed assembly and is now being reviewed by the Senate Judiciary, seeks to protect workers in the state who were harassed or discriminated against at their job by expanding existing law. It is unlawful under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act for an employer to discriminate […]


AC Transit sued for pregnancy discrimination and failure to accommodate breastfeeding mothers

pregnancy discrimination lawyer

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) has been accused of discriminating against pregnant and nursing mothers by not accommodating their needs and disregarding the laws that protect their rights. The class action lawsuit states that the female employees were not given time or clean facilities in which to pump breastmilk. One woman, Amber McNaulty, […]


Restaurant chain Chipotle victorious in employee’s discrimination lawsuit

disability discrimination lawyer

A California jury sided with Chipotle Mexican Grill in early February in a disability discrimination case involving a former assistant store manager, Lucia Cortez. Cortez claims that, after years of fertility issues and trying to conceive without success, she became pregnant but then suffered a miscarriage while at work. She says that as a result […]


Man sues former employer for allowing racial harassment against him

racial discrimination lawyer

Enrique Garcia, a 22-year-old man, is suing his former employer, Roofmaster in Monterey Park, California for ignoring his complaints of racial harassment. He says in his suit that his supervisor called him names, such as the n-word. He has recordings of the verbal abuse. Garcia worked for Roofmaster as a welder while he pursued a […]


New laws to affect California workers in 2019

employment lawyer

In California, hundreds of new laws have created big changes for workers and employers in 2019. Perhaps the most anticipated change is an increase in minimum wage, which will be $15 per hour by 2023. For companies with 26 or more employees, minimum wage will rise to $12 per hour. For those with fewer than […]


Miscarriage one possible result of discrimination against pregnant workers

pregnancy discrimination lawyer

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace comes in many forms and has different outcomes. For some women in physically-demanding jobs, it is the denial of light duty work during pregnancy. For others, it might be a job or promotion and the loss of wages. For women in physically-demanding jobs however, pregnancy discrimination on the job could […]


Vivant Smart Home hit with racial discrimination lawsuits

Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyer

Vivant Smart Home have been sued by four former employees who allege that the company engaged in racist behavior, thus creating a hostile work environment. The lawsuits allege the same type of behavior that was alleged in similar lawsuits filed earlier in the against Vivant’s sister company, Vivant Solar. Although the companies are separate, they […]


Rights to leave for pregnant women

Los Angeles pregnancy discrimination lawyer

When it comes to taking time off work to give birth and begin raising a newborn, three primary laws impact the rights of women in California. Those are the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the state’s Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL). California Family Rights Act and Family […]

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