Former associate vice chancellor at UC San Diego files discrimination lawsuit against school

discrimination lawyer

A former associate vice chancellor at UC San Diego is suing the school and UC Regents for age and gender discrimination and wrongful termination. Jean Ford, former Associate Vice Chancellor for UC San Diego Health Sciences Advancement, claims that she was subjected to ongoing and abusive discrimination, harassment and retaliation from Chancellor Pradeep Khosla and […]


Glasswerks settles a class-action lawsuit over unpaid wages

unpaid wage lawyer

A Los Angeles commercial glass company, Glasswerks, has settled a class-action lawsuit filed by current and former employees who say they were denied overtime pay and adequate break time. The company will pay out $1.3 million. The Glasswerks case was settled through private mediation. More than 1,000 employees who worked at Glasswerks between 2012 and […]


Three ways to achieve gender equality in the workplace

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Despite the success of the #MeToo movement and others like it, gender inequality in businesses in the United States is rampant. Nevertheless, employers can take proactive steps in order to create a business culture that promotes gender equality and shuns hostile work environments. Executives and business owners can do many things that will allow gender […]


Goldman Sachs executive claims gender and pregnancy discrimination

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Tania Merchandani, a Los Angeles based vice president at Goldman Sachs, has filed a claim against her employer that she was wrongfully fired due to her gender and pregnancy status. Two years ago, Merchandani, gave birth to her third child and took advantage of Goldman’s four-month long maternity leave. Well into her maternity leave, she […]


Three Types of Sexual Harassment That Might Surprise You

Sexual Harassment at Work

May was sexual harassment awareness month. Because knowledge is the key to prevention, Strong Advocates is committed to educating about sexual harassment in the workplace. Legally, sexual harassment occurs when a behavior is unwanted and based on gender. Most victims of sexual harassment are women, although it can happen to men too. Male-on-male or female-on-female […]


May is Sexual Harassment Month

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Sexual harassment is a form of employment discrimination and continues to be a serious problem facing workers. In the #MeToo era, public awareness about sexual harassment has increased, yet sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace still goes unchecked too often. The legal team at Strong Advocates has declared May Sexual Harassment Awareness Month […]


California proposes extension of statute of limitations

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The California Assembly Bill 9 (AB 9), which passed assembly and is now being reviewed by the Senate Judiciary, seeks to protect workers in the state who were harassed or discriminated against at their job by expanding existing law. It is unlawful under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act for an employer to discriminate […]


AC Transit sued for pregnancy discrimination and failure to accommodate breastfeeding mothers

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The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) has been accused of discriminating against pregnant and nursing mothers by not accommodating their needs and disregarding the laws that protect their rights. The class action lawsuit states that the female employees were not given time or clean facilities in which to pump breastmilk. One woman, Amber McNaulty, […]


Restaurant chain Chipotle victorious in employee’s discrimination lawsuit

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A California jury sided with Chipotle Mexican Grill in early February in a disability discrimination case involving a former assistant store manager, Lucia Cortez. Cortez claims that, after years of fertility issues and trying to conceive without success, she became pregnant but then suffered a miscarriage while at work. She says that as a result […]


Man sues former employer for allowing racial harassment against him

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Enrique Garcia, a 22-year-old man, is suing his former employer, Roofmaster in Monterey Park, California for ignoring his complaints of racial harassment. He says in his suit that his supervisor called him names, such as the n-word. He has recordings of the verbal abuse. Garcia worked for Roofmaster as a welder while he pursued a […]

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