Napa winery salesman files lawsuit for age discrimination

California Age Discrimination Lawyer

A former sales representative for a parent company for a winery in Napa, California, is suing the company for alleged age discrimination when they fired him for “being too old.” Joseph White began working for Fior di Sole in Kansas, parent company for Ca’ Momi Winery in Napa, as a regional sales manager in 2014. […]


California Assembly to vote on bill that would give more workers 12 weeks of parental leave

California Parental Leave

In September, the California Assembly will vote on a Senate-passed bill that would require smaller companies to provide the same amount of unpaid parental leave as larger companies. If lawmakers and the governor approve the bill, businesses with at least 20 employees will be required to offer continued health coverage and job protection to their […]


California to begin anti-discrimination testing of Airbnb hosts

Airbnb Racial Discrimination

Regulators at the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing plan to begin testing Airbnb hosts to prevent discrimination. This decision comes after a recent incident in which an Airbnb host in Big Bear, California, was fined for discrimination after cancelling a reservation because the guest was Asian-American. The guest, Dyne Suh, was on her […]


UCLA’s decreased disability insurance disadvantages new parents

Decreased Disability Insurance

The University of California (UC) recently decreased its disability insurance benefits, which could negatively affect parents who use disability insurance as a form of parental leave. In 2017, the UC’s disability insurance only covers 60 percent of an employee’s income for six weeks, compared to 70 percent in 2016. The decrease in benefits could mean […]


Paid leave policies at Starbucks negatively affect LGBTQ families

Gender Discrimination Attorney

Starbucks’ new paid family leave policy, which was announced earlier this year, was touted by the company as “exceptional.” But, while the company is known for its generous benefits to its hourly workers and supportive working environment for LGBTQ employees, its paid family leave policy disproportionately disadvantages LGBTQ employees. Under the new policy, corporate employees […]


University of California IT workers file age, national origin discrimination lawsuit

Age Discrimination Lawyer

After over 50 university employees were replaced by an offshore outsourcing firm, the former IT workers announced that they intend to file a discrimination lawsuit to challenge their termination. The former tech workers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) campus claim they were victims of age and national origin discrimination. In February 2017, […]


Transgender man sues Dignity Health after gender transition surgery denial

Gender Discrimination Attorney

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a discrimination lawsuit on behalf of a transgender patient after Dignity Health Hospital in Sacramento denied a hysterectomy in their transition from female to male. The suit alleges that Dignity Health withheld medical care because of Evan Minton’s gender identity, which is sex discrimination under California’s Unruh Civil […]


California bill would blacklist contractors who help build Trump’s Border Wall

Border Wall

The committee passed a new bill that would block any company that participates in the building of President Trump’s promised U.S.-Mexico border wall from receiving a new or extended contract with the state. If the bill becomes law, contractors would have to choose between building the border wall and doing business in California. Senate Bill […]


Barclays CEO under investigation for attempting to uncover identity of internal whistleblower

Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

After Barclays CEO Jes Staley was caught in his attempt to uncover the identity of an anonymous internal whistleblower, the bank has formally reprimanded Staley and cut his yearly bonus. The case is being investigated by Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority, who are also looking into Barclays’ systems and culture relating to whistleblowing. […]

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