May is Sexual Harassment Month

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Sexual harassment is a form of employment discrimination and continues to be a serious problem facing workers. In the #MeToo era, public awareness about sexual harassment has increased, yet sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace still goes unchecked too often. The legal team at Strong Advocates has declared May Sexual Harassment Awareness Month to help both employers and employees recognize sexual harassment and take effective action to prevent it.

Most sexual harassment victims are female. Eighty percent of sexual harassment claims are filed by women, but men can also be sexual harassment victims. Unfortunately, research suggests that only one in ten incidents of sexual harassment are actually reported.

Some workers are more likely to experience sexual harassment than others. These include workers who work for tips, those who work in the United States illegally and those who work in a male-dominated industry. In addition, risk of harassment is compounded greatly by factors such as race and income. Working a lower-paying job leaves employees inherently more vulnerable to sexual harassment and assault.

The effects of sexual harassment can be devastating. Individuals who experience sexual harassment often experience depression, anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks and other physical and emotional symptoms. We strongly encourage sexual harassment victims to obtain professional psychological services to help cope with these lasting effects. Nevertheless, our clients who choose to take legal action against their harasser often feel empowered over a situation where their power was completely taken away.

One of the best defenses against sexual harassment is education.

This month, it is worth to stop and think about sexual harassment in the workplace. For more information to help you become better equipped to recognize and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace visit: