More women allege to be victims of sexual abuse and harassment by USC’s longtime school gynecologist

In May, 21 women filed lawsuits against the University of Southern California alleging egregious sexual abuse and misconduct by USC gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall. And, most likely, more lawsuits are to come. Tragically, at least 410 women have contacted a university hotline regarding Tyndall, established by the school once the news of the lawsuits became public. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Police Department announced it is investigating at least 52 complaints of misconduct filed by Tyndall’s former patients. Noting that Tyndall examined thousands of students during his 30-year-career at USC, the LAPD is encouraging anyone who feels they were mistreated to come forward.

The legal complaints filed with Los Angeles Superior Court reveal that women have been making complaints about Tyndall’s mistreatment for years, and nothing was done. These complaints include allegations of complimenting women’s genitals. One woman alleged that Tyndall thrust his entire ungloved hand back and forth inside of her, causing her “naked body to shake uncontrollably.”

USC allowed Tyndall to resign in 2017 after reaching a settlement with him that precluded the school from contacting state medical officials or law enforcement.

“It is unconscionable the university did not immediately fire and seek to prosecute Dr. Tyndall after his criminal and egregious behavior was revealed. Women deserve to be protected by their doctors and the university hospitals at which they are seeking treatment. These women are not to blame, and I hope they continue to have to courage to come forward,” says Betsy Havens, founder and Executive Director of Strong Advocates, a Los-Angeles law firm that represents victims of sexual harassment.

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