Fired Unjustly? Harassed? Discriminated Against?

Our jobs and career give us stability in life. When that stability is taken away, you need a Strong Advocate on your side to demand respect and fairness — and compensation. Our employment law attorneys handle cases of wrongful termination, discrimination and workplace abuse. And we work passionately to protect your rights.


Ninety-five percent of employment cases in California settle during negotiations. This is a great solution for a quick(er) resolution. We treat every negotiation like a trial; we work with witnesses, prepare you and come armed with legal and economic analyses.


Our work together begins with evaluating your case. Can you win? How much is it worth? How long will it take? What strategies can we use for a positive resolution? We provide free written case analysis to help you understand your legal rights and options.


We are prepared to advocate for you, whether your case profile is simple or complex, an arbitration or class action, wage laws or executive bonuses. White collar to hotel maids. We will prepare you for litigation, never losing sight that your fortunes rest on the outcome.

Our Core Practice Areas

Constantly fighting for your rights.

Our Clients Trust Our Guarantee

The Strong Advocates legal team is fearless, creative, and zealous. They do not shy away from the difficult, complex cases that other lawyers may avoid. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone needing a flexible and passionate advocate.

Righting Wrongs is Our Bottom Line

Strong Advocates is a non-profit legal organization, and we are focused on doing what is right for you. Unlike most firms, we do not have to settle cases quickly in order to bring in a certain amount of revenue each quarter. We take the time to provide a free written case analysis to help you understand your rights and options and, in most cases, do not charge you for expert witnesses, legal research, mailings, economic damage reports or the use of professional mediators and arbitrators — fees which often eat away at the earnings you receive from your case.

Your Team Makes the Difference

We provide you with a highly skilled legal team to fight for your employment and workers’ compensation rights. We also offer years of complex litigation experience and a valuable team approach. By working with a team of advocates with a range of expertise and experience, we can best fight for you. Strong Advocates Executive Director, Betsy Havens, has helped lead systemic litigation in California and Florida, giving relief and restoring rights to thousands of clients who have been discriminated against.

You Have the Right to be Treated Fairly

In the United States, all employees have the right to a non-discriminatory and non-abusive work environment under certain laws. They also have the right to receive agreed-upon wages for their work and to be discharged only for legitimate reasons rather than wrongful and illegal ones. No person should be forced to endure unfair treatment at work. However, many victims do not come forward and file a complaint due to fear of retaliation or the difficulty in finding attorneys they can trust. The experienced employment litigation team at Strong Advocates has helped to bring powerful employers to justice before, and they can help you do the same.

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